3 Reasons to Never Replace Your Own Windows

If you need new windows in Gloucester County, the thought of replacing them yourself has probably crossed your mind at least once. After all, what can a team of window installers in Cherry Hill do that you can’t do yourself? The answer is a lot.

Turning your window repair or replacement into a DIY project can do serious and permanent damage to your wallet and your home. Here are three good reasons to call our professionals at New Window Factory Sales, Inc. when you need window repair or replacement instead of having a go at the project yourself.

  • It can lead to less energy efficiency. Along with your insulation and your walls, your windows are the gatekeepers to the exterior, and one of the thinnest barricades protecting the inside of your home from the elements. When you install windows yourself, you may not seal them correctly, which can lead to your home’s heat leaking out through the windows and causing a draft that results in a higher energy bill for your family at the end of the month.
  • It can cause expensive mistakes. Did you know that even minor mistakes can throw off the placement of the window or damage the molding? This can cause you to need a whole new window and setting, which can result in an extra hundred dollars or more getting it fixed by a professional.
  • It can hurt your home. The biggest risk to installing windows yourself is that improper installation can cause serious home damage to the structure of the window and the area inside the window should it allow weather damage to seep in. This can cost much more than the installation of a new window.

The best way to fix your window issues is to call the professionals! Give New Window Factory Sales, Inc. a call today at ​856-546-1120 for fast and professional service.