3 Reasons Why It Matters to Have a Low Turnover Rate of Installation and Sales Personnel

When was the last time that you had a pleasant customer service experience? Whatever your answer is, just be aware that a positive customer service experience is reflective of the way that companies treat their employees. Here at New Window Factory Sales Inc., a company that provides window installers in Camden County, the Greater Philadelphia region, and frequently installs windows in South Jersey, we believe that it is imperative to treat our customers and employees the same– with respect. Knowing that our installation and sales personnel function as representatives of our company, we do our best to assure that they receive the appropriate guidance and support to assist all of our customers. We are proud of the low turnover rate of our employees which is, no doubt, reflective in the prompt services that we provide. Below are five reasons why choosing a window installation sales company with a low turnover rate is the way to go:  


Continuous Training

Our personnel are consistently trained on state-of-the-art windows, doors, and siding technology. Here at New Window Factory Sales Inc., we view ongoing education as an essential component to the success of our company. Our installation crews and sales teams improve their skills and knowledge of the industry on a regular basis. This leads to a stronger understanding of our core values, as well as how to approach customers and personalized projects.


Since our sales and installation crews have been with us for over 15 years, they are accustomed to providing services for all of the neighborhoods in and around the tri-state area. Not only are we familiar with all of South Jersey counties and surrounding Philadelphia regions but, most importantly, we are positively recognized in those specific areas. Our familiarity with these places helps us to be more time efficient while traveling and properly prepared for a project in any given neighborhood.


Without treating our installation and sales personnel with respect, we wouldn’t have been able to retain valuable employees throughout the growth and expansion of our company. Similar to the way in which homeowners emphasize the importance of a good reputation when finding a company to perform installations, it is important to the management at Window Installation Sales Inc. that employees remain motivated and committed to performing services. Our personnel are proud to work for our company which, in turn, encourages homeowners to pursue our expertise.  


If you’re interested in receiving window installation services, allow New Window Factory Sales Inc. to show you how quick and easy the process really is. Let us demonstrate how experienced and familiar employees with a great reputation get the work done!