4 Reasons Your Window Won’t Open and How to Fix It

Most homeowners want to avoid using their air conditioners until the last possible moment. So when the temperatures start rising, and they want fresh air circulating through their house, they opt to open up some casement windows. However, things can get complicated when you realize the window simply won’t budge. 

There’s nothing more frustrating than being trapped in a stale room and not being able to open a window. With summer quickly approaching, these helpful tricks can help you get your stubborn double-hung windows open in no time.

Infographic showing reasons why your windows might not be opening

The Window Isn’t Meant to Open

Some newer homes have single-pane windows that cannot be opened. These aesthetic windows help give homes a more modernized look but can prove problematic if you’re looking to increase airflow in your home. It may sound obvious, but check and make sure that the window you’re trying to open was built to open at all. 

If you have recently moved into a new home, you may not be aware of all of the minor details of your space. Among these surprises could be finding out that some windows in your new property weren’t designed to be opened. In cases like these, you might have to resort to more drastic measures to get fresh air circulating in your home. 

If you can’t see any hinges and the window is a single pane, you’ll more than likely have to look into replacement windows if you want to introduce some fresh air into your space. Replacing the purely aesthetic windows with a more functional one could help improve your home’s overall value and give you the fresh air you want. 

If you don’t want to replace your existing windows, you still have some options. It may also be wise to double-check the locks to make sure the window is open; some windows have multiple sets of locks that may not be readily apparent.

The Window Is Sealed Closed by a Layer Of Paint 

Your windows represent an untapped resource to help boost your home’s overall appearance. Part of your interior painting projects could involve painting the windows and the areas around them a color that works with the current theme of the room. However, you need to be careful during the painting process and avoid causing a potential headache down the road. 

When you want to give your windows an extra dose of personality with a new paint job, you need to be careful that you haven’t gotten overzealous with your brush strokes. Occasionally, painters will close a window before the paint on the frame has finished drying, effectively sealing the window closed with a layer of paint. That layer can make reopening the window when you need it a real “pane.”

However, fixing a window closed shut by a paint seal can be a relatively easy fix for homeowners. Look closely at the sill of your window. Is a coat of paint connecting the window to the sill? If so, you can use a razor blade or putty knife to cut through the seal gently and pry the window open. 

Has this trick not helped open a stuck window for you? Don’t worry; there’s one more thing you can check to see if paint is the underlying cause. If the window still will not open, check outside and see if the paint is causing the exterior to be sealed as well. Use the same technique with the razor blade on the exterior, and your awning window should be ready to open.

The Frame of the Window Is Damaged

As with other parts of your home, your windows can suffer structural damage. Whether it’s natural warping, impact damage, or even in some cases, the metal locks have corroded to the point where they cannot open. If you find that your window frame or main locking mechanisms have deteriorated or become unusable, it’s time to make the necessary repairs. 

Knowing how structural damage presents itself is key when it comes time to inspect your window for damage. Structural damage to the window will cause the panes to move out of place and prevent the window from moving properly when you try to open it. Check your window’s exterior and interior frame for damage. If your window frame has been damaged, you’ll need to visit our South Jersey team at New Window Factory Sales, Inc. for vinyl windows to find a replacement.

High Humidity 

If you are in an older home with wooden windows, humidity can prove a challenge to opening your windows with ease. When wooden windows are subjected to high humidity, the moisture can cause the wood to warp and cause the frame to move out of place. Using a fan or dehumidifier can help reduce moisture and help get everything back into proper alignment. You can also choose to install vinyl windows to eliminate this problem altogether.

Do you need to replace a window in your home? Purchasing energy-efficient Enviro-Star windows supplied by New Window Factory Sales, Inc. is the ideal way to upgrade in time for spring. Give our team a call today to learn more!