3 Ways to Decorate Your Windows This Holiday Season

The holiday season is almost upon us! One of the most beautiful and easily customizable types of window is the bay or box style, which offers a three-panel area that’s perfect for holiday decorating.

If you’ve treated yourself to new bay or box windows for South Jersey home in anticipation of the upcoming winter months, try out one of these fabulous tips for giving your home a festive look this season!

  • Embrace icicle lighting. Christmas string lights aren’t just for the tree and the rooftops anymore! Give your windows a soft glow by stringing icicle lights along the top and lower border of the interior of the window. For an extra festive touch, try using multi-colored icicle lights instead of the standard white!
  • String the snowflakes. A paper snowflake curtain is the perfect way to get your little ones involved in the holiday decorating fun! Have everyone in the family make their own snowflake chain by connecting 6-to-10 paper snowflakes together with paper clips depending on the length of your windows. Then, hang the chains in the interior of the window facing outside. You can even add more chains, giving off an almost blizzard-like effect to the outside world!
  • Customize your designs. Gorgeous bay or box windows provide plenty of room to get creative! Head to your local crafts store and look for non-toxic washable window paint and get the whole family involved with painting a window with snowmen, reindeer and other seasonal symbols! You’ll have a home with decorations that are as unique and special as your family.

Is your home looking a little drab and feeling a little drafty this season? Now is the perfect time to install new windows in your Burlington County home ahead of any holiday parties or get together you may be throwing this season!

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