4 Reasons to Purchase Enviro-Star Windows

As the warm weather arrives and you spend more time observing nature’s resurgence, you might feel like it’s time to implement a clearer perspective of the outdoors. Over the years, windows receive a tremendous amount of wear and tear from the brutal elements on the outside and from what you and your family do on the inside. Make certain that you have a high-definition view of the exterior of your property by choosing one of the many options of Enviro-Star windows that work to limit maintenance, and increase safety and efficiency. Below are four reasons why you should ask the experts to install Enviro-Star Windows.


Vast Selection


There’s a vast selection of glass and structural designs of Enviro-Star Windows that have been created to blend well with any homeowner’s décor. These window models offer two appealing Euro-White internal laminate selections—one of which offers Almond, Cocoa, Bronze, or any other custom exterior color options. There are other interior selections including the Melrose Cherry, with a Standard or Antique Brass Lock, and the Cognac and Natural Finish, both with the Brushed Nickel Lock. These all come with the same exterior options as the Euro-White interior selection.


Traditional Look, Easier Maintenance


The premium polyvinyl chloride (PVC) virgin vinyl materials that are used to manufacture these designs will look similar to traditional wood windows, but won’t require the maintenance and responsibilities of the older models. These windows are built with the Grids Between Glass (GBG) design, which consists of aluminum bars that don’t completely connect the interior and exterior glasses of the window; instead, there is insulation between the two panes of glass which, in turn, makes cleaning your windows a much easier process.




By keeping warm air inside during the winter and outside throughout the summer, the remarkable energy efficiency that’s provided by the insulation of these windows will help you save more money. The incredibly low infiltration of these windows will decrease the energy consumption of most homes by twenty-five to forty percent. The Heatseal® Warm Edge Spacer System provides exceptional thermal efficiency and helps to limit condensation from forming on windows. Also, Magnetic Seals, which are like the ones used with refrigerators, limit drafts and will, as a result, optimize the thermal performance of your windows.




Vent latches allow for ventilation and increase your home’s security when you aren’t there. Both of the sashes can stay partially open and help to prevent the window from opening more than five inches. High-density composite stiffeners within the upper part of the sash allows the windows to be structurally stronger. Not only does the ThruVision Plus® Fiberglass Enhanced Visibility Screen make the view from a window sharper and increasingly vivid, but it also provides an optional locking screen for an extra level of protection for homes.


Whether you’re looking for window installers in Cherry Hill, NJ or are interested in finding out about replacement window prices in South Jersey—turn to the experts at New Window Factory Sales Inc.—which is located in Mt. Ephraim, NJ—to provide you with clear solutions. When you’re choosing new windows to enhance the appearance and value of your home, make sure you check out the vast selection of Enviro-Star Window models. Choose these easy-to-clean, energy efficient and secure designs, as well as experts to install them, to make certain that you have the best windows in Gloucester County.