4 Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Windows This Summer

Many of us carry an image in our minds of what a home burglary looks like. Under cover of night, a masked figure creeps from the bushes, tip-toes into the backyard, and worms his way inside the house after breaking a window or picking a door lock.

Scary? Definitely.

Accurate? Not quite.

Contrary to what we see in movies, the majority of home burglaries happen during broad daylight when we’re at work. In fact, most home burglaries occur specifically in July and August when families are away on vacation.

There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself and your family against burglaries, but one thing you should focus on is your windows. Here are four things you can do before summer arrives to reinforce your windows against break-ins:

#1: Use Tinted Or Reflective Glass

Most would-be burglars peek through the larger windows of a house before attempting a break-in, to make sure there is nobody home and to see if the house is worth breaking into. You can address this vulnerability by installing windows made from tinted, reflective, or obscured glass, so that burglars will be prevented from peeking through, and discouraged from getting in.

#2: Connect Your Security Alarm To Your Windows

Many homeowners forget to connect their security system to their windows, in addition to the front door. Many burglars will go for the windows first, rather than a door, and making sure that your alarm goes off when a window pane breaks can be vital to your home’s protection.

#3: Install Additional Locks

While it may sound funny, installing additional locks on your windows is an excellent way to burglar-proof your home. Why? Simple, really – the more locks your windows have, the more difficult it becomes for potential burglars to break through them.

#4: Replace Your Existing Locks

Sash locks that are old and worn out can be easy prey for a burglar seeking to force open a window. Installing window locks that are strong and durable is a great way to make the burglar’s job a lot tougher! You can also deter intruders by purchasing locks that blend in well with the frame, and that are difficult to see from the outside.

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