5 Pro Tips for Spotless Windows

Finally! You’ve installed those new windows you’ve had an eye on for so long. They look gorgeous, match the room’s décor, and because you went with New Window Factory, the go-to place for replacement windows in South Jersey, the installation went smoothly without a hiccup.

The only thing is, now, how do you go about keeping them clean?

In this blog, we can help you navigate this conundrum. From the window pros at New Window Factory, have a look at our tips for keeping your new windows squeaky-clean.

1.) Get the right soap

For an incredible window-grime-fighting soap, mix together some dishwashing liquid, vinegar, and warm water. While the dishwashing liquid will give you the lubrication and suds you need, the vinegar’s acidity will help break apart the dirt, dust, and whatever else has stuck to your windows. The water is there to serve as a base for the other two ingredients.

2.) Soak The Windows

Giving your windows a good pre-soak will help get them ready for your cleaning efforts. You can use a soapy water mix, or for more difficult stains and residue, you can try various home remedies to address the build-up. Using some combination of borax, vinegar, cornstarch, lemon juice, or denatured alcohol can provide you with an effective soaking solution for your windows.

3.) Embrace the squeegee

There’s a reason you always see professional window cleaners using squeegees: they work. After you’ve mixed your cleaning solution, dip the squeegee into the solution and start wiping. When you’re finished with a window, wash the squeegee and use it to remove any fluid. 

Also, remember to keep a dry towel or cloth on hand. That way, if any water or cleaning solution starts dripping into the edges of the window, you’ll have something to mop it up.

4.) Dry with a microfiber cloth

After you’ve squeegeed off as much moisture as you can, use a microfiber cloth to put the finishing touches on your work to achieve a spotlessly clean result.

Remember, though, not to use the microfiber cloth until you’ve already removed most of the remaining moisture with your squeegee. Otherwise, the fabric may end up delivering the opposite result desired by leaving streaks on the glass.

5.) Polish the Glass

During the cleaning process, there may be times where you accidentally scratch the surface of your windows and cause unsightly streaks. After you finish cleaning your glass, take the time to inspect and see if there you left tiny scratches behind. Instead of despairing, you can polish the affected areas with toothpaste to buff out the scratches. You can also use a well-washed cotton t-shirt to polish the glass and give it that characteristic shine you want. 

Are you interested in learning more about what New Window Factory’s team of professionals can do for your family’s home? If you have any questions, or if you’re looking for replacement windows in South Jersey, reach out and contact New Window Factory today.