5 Reasons to Install Vinyl Siding

We have entered an era where we want to save our time and money in whatever we produce or consume. As consumers, we want the best quality for the best price. When it comes to our homes, we would love them to be as aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and efficient. A great way to have both is to install vinyl siding around your home.

Here at New Window Factory Sales, Inc., we strive to provide you with a variety of vinyl siding and window options. We provide vinyl siding installation services in Philadelphia as well as parts of New Jersey. If you need more of an incentive to purchase vinyl siding for your home, then check out these top five reasons to install vinyl siding:


  • The Importance of Curb Appeal


The first thing a passerby sees is the color of your house. Everyone wants their home to be freshly painted, so why not have it appear freshly painted all year round, by installing vinyl siding. Your home will look fresh and appealing to anyone who drives, walks or jogs by your home. If you are interested in selling your home, this look will bring the buyers to you in droves.


  • No Need for the Handyman


Who wants to spend year after year repainting your home? The answer is no one. You have other household responsibilities, so why add another one? Vinyl siding requires little to no routine maintenance and lasts for years. An occasional washing would be beneficial, but you never have to worry about taking the time to scrape away old paint and then repaint your entire home.


  • Getting Back in Touch with Nature


Not everyone likes traditional vinyl siding. If you want a more authentic look, then choose vinyl siding that looks like finished wood. You get the long-lasting protection of the siding as well as the earthy feel of a cabin in the woods.


  • BAM! POW! POP!: The Need for Noise Control


No one wants to wake up to a lawn being mowed, a car door slamming, children getting ready for the bus or an obnoxious woodpecker, so why not install vinyl siding to reduce the outside noise. Vinyl siding can reduce outside noise by up to 45 percent, which allows you to sleep peacefully, until, of course, your alarm goes off at 6:30 am.


  • Renew, Conserve, Recycle


Don’t you want to have a product that looks good, is long-lasting, and saves energy?

Answer: Of course you do.

Since vinyl siding is made with two layers, they are able to block both heat and cold from all sides of your home. This way your home will be more insulated, and you won’t be freezing in the winter or boiling during the summer.

If you would like more information on our vinyl siding options at New Window Factory Sales, Inc., then continue to browse our website. To contact us about our window installation services in our service areas such as Cherry Hill, call 856-546-1120 for a free quote today!