April Showers Bring May Flowers

Are you local to the Philly or South Jersey area? Are you ready for the cold temps to go away so that you can get out and enjoy the extra hour of light that daylight savings just gifted to us? For those who love the spring and summer seasons, they know the next few months come alongside seemingly unending rainy days. Sure, the flowers and green grass that pop up soon after are a welcome sign of warmer and sunnier days, but is your home prepared to get you through the storms? While many options can help, New Window Factory wants you to consider our premium vinyl siding options as a solution.

This year, the rains have already been somewhat unforgiving with very few dry days between sprinkles. The puddles and mud have barely begun to dry before another downpour is falling from the sky. The toll this can take on your home, especially after a winter with more substantial snowfall, can be astronomical. Look at the options of vinyl siding in South Jersey or a vinyl window in Mt. Ephraim to make sure your home can handle the conditions that our area presents year after year.

An excellent way to prepare for heavy precipitation year-round is to take a look at vinyl siding. New Window Factory offers vinyl siding in South Jersey, Philly, and surrounding areas. It’s the perfect way to protect your home from the elements while giving it a new and improved appearance. The siding options that are available range in colors and textures to completely change the look of your house. Additionally, you can pair the siding and exterior maintenance with gutters that help reroute the falling rain. Even with new gutters, however, you’ll want to keep an eye on blockages like leaves or trash blowing in and clogging them. 

New Window Factory has multiple services that can enhance your home’s appearance and function. New vinyl siding can be the option you’re looking for to protect your home and improve the way you and others look at it. Reach out and connect with us to find the right answers for your home and family!