Bay and Bow Windows — Two Ways to Beautify Your Home

It’s that time of year again where the weather is getting warmer, and people start thinking about home improvement projects. If you’ve been considering replacing your windows in South Jersey, then you may have heard the terms “bow” and “bay” windows. While they are stylistically similar, they are not quite the same. Here we explore some of the similarities and differences between these two styles.

Bay Windows:

  • – Consist of three windows. When you ask for a bay window, you’ll actually be getting three windows. Typically, the window in the center is the largest; many people choose a picture window in the center. The two windows flanking each side are often either casement windows or double hung windows.
  • – Join together at sharper angles. One of the main stylistic differences between a bay window and a bow window is that a bay window appears more angular, and it also juts out further from the house.
  • – Allow for additional seating space. Because the bay window can extend up to a few feet beyond your home’s exterior, it’s a great way to open up a room and create additional seating.

Bow Windows:

  • – Consist of four or more windows. The main difference between bay and bow windows is that bow windows consist of four or more windows that are all the same size. They can either be fixed windows or double-hung.
  • – Join together at smoother angles. Since there are more windows, they naturally join together at much wider angles, creating a smoother appearance both inside about out.
  • – Allow for more airflow. If you choose double-hung windows for your bow windows, you will have the ability to allow more fresh air into the room than you would with a bay window.


  • – Both add more space to a room. Both types of windows will give your room a more spacious appearance, making it more inviting.
  • – Both allow more light into a room. Simply put, with more windows, your room will be sunnier, especially if the windows face to the south.
  • – Both add curb appeal to your home. Bay and bow windows add a distinctive and attractive element to any style home.

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