Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

Clean windows will certainly work to enhance anyone’s perspective of the world around them! Although they might not appear too dirty, you’ll be surprised to see how much dirt you’re able to remove after wiping them down. Below, we walk you through the process of tilting your double-hung windows so you can clean them effectively:

Start by unlocking the lower sash and pulling the bottom of it up at least six inches above the inside sill. This will prevent the sash from falling and help to keep the latches and pins from coming out of the shoes.


Reach for the tilt latches positioned on the top of the sash and press both of them toward the center. Tilt the sash to a minimum of ninety-degrees. Tipping it below ninety-degrees will lock it into the shoes and keep it from coming out.


Depending on how big the window is, you can hold the sash up with your hands, let it rest against your thigh or put a chair underneath it, which will keep it from falling any further.


Spray a commercial cleaning solution commonly found in grocery and home improvement stores onto the surface. Wipe it with a clean, damp, microfiber or any other cloth or towel that’s lint free. With a clean, dry cloth, microfiber pad or paper towel, buff the window to give it a nice shine.


Next, use the lift rail to lower the upper sash 6 inches from the top. This will give you the ability to access the tilt latches on top.


Similar to Step 2, press both of the tilt sashes for the upper sash toward the center and lower it at least ninety degrees. It’s okay to let it rest on the lower sash while you clean.


Repeat Step 4


Now, you can lift the upper sash and hear the clicks as you put it into place. Or press in both of the tilt latches until it’s positioned and release the tilt latches to secure it.


Finally, lock the sashes to ensure your protection.


Now that your windows are clean and sparkling, you’ll not only enhance your property’s curb appeal but also view the world around you from a much clearer perspective!

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