Do I Really Need Gutter Guards?

Many homeowners know about gutters and understand how important they are in keeping the structural integrity of your home intact. So it’s a good idea to consider products or appliances that help make the job of your gutters easier and more efficient. That’s where gutter guards come in. These well-designed additions make it easier for water to pass through uninhibited, collecting dirt and debris that would otherwise clog your gutters with ease. If you’re a homeowner constantly dealing with drainage issues or looking to find ways to prevent problems within your home, explore the benefits of outfitting its exterior with gutter guards. 

Keep Your Time and Your Money Where They Belong — With Yourself!

Clogged gutters provide zero benefits. They don’t help your home, as it increases the likelihood of significant water damage. They don’t help your wallet, as you’ll need to invest in more frequent gutter cleanings to keep them in proper condition. And they certainly don’t help you save time, as you’ll now have to spend hours cleaning the gutter or searching for a gutter maintenance company in your area. Gutter guards prevent clogs and a build-up of debris, making them easily worth the cost of an installation.

Prevent Mice, Insects, and Other Unwanted Pests From Invading Your Gutters

The bane of most homeowners’ existence is rodents and other unwanted pests. These menaces make your life difficult, as they will set up shop in your gutters and absolutely ruin water flow. Birds can’t possibly drink enough water to stop a large water flow, so don’t let their nests hinder your home. These animals are attracted to locations with standing water, a sign of a poorly functioning gutter. With gutter guards, water flows smoothly, removing standing water and leaving your gutters unappealing to possums, rodents, and other unwanted creatures.

Avoid Winter Weather Mishaps

Trapped water in the winter can lead to trouble with freezing temperatures. Gutters will freeze almost instantly in the winter, leaving ice dams and blockages that pool stagnant water and attract winter pests. Additionally, the frozen water will damage your gutter, leading to leaks and structural damage to your home without warning. With gutter guards, you can reduce debris that causes standing water and avoid ice damage in the winter.  

Fire Protection

In areas with high fire risks, keeping debris out of gutters is paramount. A small twig or tree branch can turn into a collection of debris over time, and all it takes is one spark to cause a fire in your gutter system. Metal gutters paired with gutter guards are the perfect combination to prevent leaves and twigs from collecting in your gutters. 

Having Mold and Mildew Problems? Your Gutters Might Be the Problem

Another consequence of pooling water is mold and mildew, and if you’re a homeowner, these are two of your least-liked terms. Mold and mildew should be evaded at all costs, as they can be damaging to the health of you and your family and rot housing material. This is an easy way to ruin the structural integrity of your home while also impacting people with allergies, asthma, or other severe respiratory conditions. Instead of dealing with mold and mildew after it develops, use a gutter guard to give you and the people you love the peace of mind they deserve all year round. 

Guard Your Gutters With New Window Factory Sales Inc.

Integrating cutting-edge solutions into your home is the best way to enjoy peace and comfort for years to come. Gutter guards are just another product in a long line of adaptations that companies like New Window Factory Sales Inc have incorporated into their gutter solutions. Homeowners can partner with our team for state-of-the-art gutter maintenance and upgrades that keep their homes safe. Contact us today to schedule your gutter appointment, or take advantage of additional options like our vinyl window installations for Philadelphia, Cherry Hill, and residents in between!