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Stars are just about the most permanent things in the universe. That they are part of the Enviro-Star name is not random—these elegant replacement windows are built to last. An Enviro-Star replacement window is the ideal solution for your replacement window needs if you desire refinement, tradition, and energy efficiency.

The attention to detail begins at the window’s core and continues through every component up to—and including—the glass.

Enviro-Star, Where Quality is Embedded

A premium replacement window must answer many challenges. You expect it to look refined, perform with high-tech precision, and retain its beauty for many years.

Enviro-Star answers these challenges easily, because the premium polyvinyl chloride (PVC) virgin vinyl used in Enviro-Star replacement windows is specially bolstered with high-density composite reinforcements at critical wear and pressure areas of the frame.

Color and wood-like appearance are embedded in every Enviro-Star window. The interior and exterior colors you select will look as crisp and fresh two decades from now as they do on the day of window installation, with no need for annual scraping, priming and repainting.

Enviro-Star windows feature a beveled profile, blending beautifully with traditional architecture and interior décor. To support this classic, refined look, all hardware for Enviro-Star windows has been specially selected to honor that tradition, in finishes including antique brass and brushed nickel.


Enviro-Star Blends Tradition and Technology

Your home’s windows may look stylish, but if they drive up your energy bills, they are working against you. Enviro-Star windows honor the tradition of fine wood windows while bringing all the resources of 21st century science and technology to replacement windows. Features include:

  • Argon gas—Due to argon’s low heat conductivity, this inert gas between the double- and triple-paned glass reduces thermal energy transfer in summer from the hot, sticky outdoors into your cooled home, boosting energy savings.
  • Magnetic seals—These seals provide strong barriers against air drafts and water infiltration, adhering just as your refrigerator’s seals grip.
  • High performance non-metal spacers—Spacers between the double- or triple-paned glass are specifically designed to fight condensation and heat transfer.
  • Bulb gaskets—These reduce drafts and increase noise insulation.
  • HeatSeal glass—Eleven microscopically thin layers of metallic deposits that increase radiant reflectivity, light transmission and interior heat retention in winter.
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