Everything Homeowners Need To Know About Vinyl Siding


Vinyl is known for being a highly durable and strong building material so it’s no surprise that vinyl remains the most commonly featured siding material used in the construction of new single-family homes across the nation. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of textures, colors, and sizes that can help you transform your home’s exterior appearance. If you are a homeowner who is considering having vinyl siding installed in Camden County, NJ, you should hire the professionals at New Window Factory Sales, Inc. We offer vinyl siding installation in Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, and Delaware counties.

Let’s dive deeper into why vinyl siding remains a popular choice among homeowners across the nation.


As we mentioned before one of vinyl siding’s biggest appeals is the fact that it is highly durable and long-lasting. Homeowners who invest in vinyl siding can trust that their siding will withstand the effects of the elements and won’t get damaged easily. When installed properly by a professional like the team at New Window Factory Sales, Inc., vinyl siding can last decades without showing signs wear and tear.


Most homeowners know that painting their home’s exterior can enhance the look of their home but it is also very expensive and will require future paint jobs. On the other hand, vinyl siding is an extremely low maintenance option for any homeowner looking to improve their home’s exterior without breaking the bank. Vinyl siding is very easy to clean and care for so homeowners can rest easy knowing that they won’t have to spend a large amount of time taking care of their vinyl siding.

Appearance Options

Since the outside of your house is one of the first things your guests will notice when arriving to your home it is important to choose a siding option that allows you to give your home a unique look that will match your home’s character. Vinyl siding comes in a large number of different colors, styles, and size so you can easily make your home’s exterior compliment its beautiful interior.

Give your home a facelift by having New Window Factory Sales, Inc. install your vinyl siding in Gloucester County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. For more information on our vinyl siding installations, please call 856-546-1120.