Five Signs You May Need New Windows

Many of us tend to plan our home improvements for the summer time. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter to figure out what needs to be repaired and replaced. A leaky faucet, a busted AC, or a glitchy garage door all clearly need to be addressed straightaway.  

When it comes to your windows, though, matters can be murkier. Sure, a window that’s had a baseball go through it obviously needs replacement; but otherwise, how do you know when it’s time to call the window guys?

Courtesy of New Window Factory, we present you with a list of five signs your windows need replacing, or at least repair. If your windows in South Jersey exhibit any of these signs or symptoms, it’s probably high time you call the pros.


1) Higher energy bills.

If you’ve been noticing your energy bills steadily increasing, it could be a sign that more air is escaping through your windows, forcing your AC and heating systems to work extra hard.



2) Excessive street noise.

If traffic and human voices from outside seem louder than they used to be, your windows could be to blame. Worn-out caulking and weather-stripping could be making your windows less sound-proof.


3) Condensation on inside of the window.

If you’re waking up in the morning to find ice or frost on the inside of your window pane, you almost certainly need a replacement. This condensation can even be dangerous, as it can invite mold to grow on the entire frame. Windows that are regularly foggy and cold to the touch could probably do with replacing as well.


4) Windows won’t open or close.

Opening and closing a window should be simple. If you’re making a Herculean effort every time you try to force a window shut, you should probably get your window checked out.


5) Warping or cracks in the frames.

Warping and cracking are especially prevalent in older windows made from wood and can allow air, moisture, and bugs to more easily find their way inside your home.

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