Here’s the Skinny on Our Eco-Friendly Windows

In the current economy of the United States, it feels like everyone is looking to save money in their properties and throughout their lives. Sometimes this means personal budget cuts, foregoing luxuries and cutting costs. However, there is a beneficial and cost-efficient solution for property owners everywhere – energy efficient windows, and at New Window Factory Sales Inc., we have some great information on eco-friendly windows and exactly how they’re going to save you money and headaches.

Our Eco-Friendly Windows

Enviro-Star Windows- Attractive, high-quality Enviro-Star windows are built to last and make a great replacement for old and outdated windows on a property. Their low air-infiltration ratings mean that property owners need not worry about air leaking into their property through their windows. The “heat sealed” glass within Enviro-Star windows provides reliable insulation.

Enviro-Star windows feature a full in-depth welded mainframe that makes it sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. In addition to this, they have full integral interlocks with double weather-stripping to further insulate the windows. There are many different hardware options to choose from as well—just ask one of our experts! There are also extra high-density stiffeners put into the upper parts of the window sashes to improve the structural integrity of the product, significantly reducing small wears and imperfections in the insulation over time.

The Custom-Welded Windows Advantage – Custom-welded windows are contoured exactly to the shape and width of your property. You don’t have to perform any guesswork, and you’ll never get a window that doesn’t fit at all, or barely doesn’t fit and leaves you wondering if you want to go through the trouble of replacing it. Our custom-welded windows will perfectly fit any property we arrive on. On top of all of this, we offer free estimates and consultations for all of our clientele.

The Benefits of Choosing Eco-Friendly Windows

Eco-Friendly Materials – Eco-friendly materials are the future of this planet—if we don’t start using more eco-friendly materials and recycling more, the planet will become inundated with junk sooner or later. Our windows are designed and built with the environment in mind, and we construct these products to protect and help their properties well into the future.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling – There are many ways to save money on heating and cooling, but most of them involve wearing sweaters, closing the curtains and turning on a fan instead of the A/C. You can save money with your windows, too! With less outside air and bright light entering your property, the temperature is guaranteed to be more stable within your property.

Our Enviro-Star windows have many different features that will save you serious money in the long run. The windows sport high-performance reflective glass coatings, in order to ensure that the bulk of light hitting it is reflected back outside instead of absorbed into the property. This process is further bolstered by filling the space between each pane with Argon gas, which improves the efficiency of a window by greatly regulating the transfer of heat from the outside to the inside. Combine all of this with double and even triple-paned glass units, it’s clear to see how property owners everywhere can save money through their windows.

Less Energy Use is Good for the Environment – After all of this, it’s clear to see how these windows help protect the environment. The less electricity you use, the less strain you put on your own electrical system and the amount of energy your property requires to run the way you desire. Not only will this save you a significant amount of money over time, it will also help to protect and preserve the environment.

Energy Safe Government Initiatives

Energy Star – Energy Star is an initiative started by the government to promote eco-friendly products throughout the United States. Many products that are eco-friendly can be found there, including Enviro-Star windows! Energy Star also offers many initiatives and subsidies to help property owners that go out of their way to use environmentally friendly products within their properties. Check them out today to see how you can benefit from using eco-friendly appliances, windows and other products!

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