Hot Weather Window Tips

As a premium provider of vinyl siding in Camden County and the surrounding areas, we’re always happy to provide advice on a range of home improvement topics. With spring well underway and summer rapidly approaching, our team of professional window and siding installers have pooled together some of our hot weather window tips to educate our customers. Let’s take a look.

Consider Installing Solar Shades

Solar shades are polyester coated mesh screens that block the light and heat from entering your home or business. The higher the mesh count is, the more heat will be eliminated. However, more mesh will make the room darker and will obscure the view outside. We recommend black for outside installation and white for inside, since white stays cooler than black material.

Install Awnings

Although considered old-fashioned, awnings are incredibly efficient when it comes to reducing heat inside properties. The latest sun and mildew resistant fabrics are easy to operate and require very little maintenance.

Consider Window Film

Window films are plastic, but they have a metallic, low-emissivity coating that helps to reflect infrared radiation. They are applied directly to your window panes, and some are available to upgrade single pane glass to the efficiency of double pane units. They help to screen out UV rays which can fade and deplete fabrics. Shop around to find a film that will offer the best cooling qualities without darkening your home too much.

Hang Some Shutters

Swinging shutters are a great option when it comes to keeping your home cool during the summer. They can be installed indoors or outdoors and can be opened or closed when needed. Additionally, they can do an excellent job of blocking out heat. Choose light-colored shutters for the inside of your home, as light will reflect off them instead of heating the surfaces of your home’s interior.

Consider Upgrading Your Windows

Glass technology has advanced rapidly over the years. These days, windows can be installed with heat reflective and insulating coatings that stop heat transferring through the window panes. And it’s now much more comfortable to compare window performance when it comes to controlling heat buildup, thanks to standardized testing.

For instance, the lower the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), less heat gets in. Residents in areas with high cooling costs potentially need windows with a low SHGC — particularly windows facing south and west. Some window models even need to meet strict limits on air infiltration and heat conduction.  

If you’re looking for window services to keep or your home cooler, or for vinyl siding services in Gloucester County and surrounding areas, call us today at 856-546-1120.