How Can I Make My Vinyl Windows More Energy Efficient?

As a result of rising energy bills, many people are thinking about how to make their homes more energy efficient. And as the weather gets more extreme each year, heating and cooling is becoming a focus for homeowners. 

Energy-efficient vinyl windows are one of the options that can help you save money, and you might not even need to replace your windows to see these benefits. How can you get energy-efficient vinyl windows without replacing them? Here are five simple ways to increase the energy efficiency of your vinyl windows. 

5 Simple Ways to Make Vinyl Windows More Energy Efficient

1- Detect and stop any air leaks in your windows.

Hot and cold air can enter your home through spaces in the window glass, window frame, and window sash. If sitting near the window means you have to cover yourself with a blanket, there’s a good possibility that your window has an air leak.

Use caulk and weatherstrips for easy ways to stop the leak and make your window energy efficient. Here’s how you do it:

  • Apply caulking on the sides and joints of your window frame and other stationary window areas. This will seal any cracks or holes letting air into your home.
  • Use weatherstripping for window areas that can handle friction and weather changes. Remember to clean your sash and jamb while installing it.

Many caulking and weatherstripping materials are long-lasting, but you should monitor their effectiveness on a regular basis. Add caulking and weatherstripping if you feel a draft return as time passes. 

2- Use double- and triple-pane windows.

Windows with double- and triple-paned glass are more efficient than single-pane windows. Argon gas fills between panes can add effectiveness by regulating temperature — a common feature of most Energy Star windows. Unless you’re really attached to your current windows, it makes financial sense to replace them with energy-efficient vinyl windows. 

3- Apply solar window film to the glass.

Solar window film reduces solar heat gain by 35% on a hot summer day. They’re similar to car sun shields in that they reduce heat by blocking sunlight from entering your home. There are two options for solar window film: temporary and permanent. 

  • Temporary solar window film is a good choice for the cold winters that South Jersey is prone to having. You can apply them during the warmer months and remove them in winter. 
  • Permanent solar window film is ideal for areas that stay warm all year. However, remember that you’ll have lower visibility when the film is on your windows. 

4- Add storm windows to your home.

Reduce airflow and improve insulation by adding exterior and interior storm windows to your existing windows. They are easy to install, reduce noise, and protect the main window’s insulation. 

The drawback is that storm windows should be replaced every 2-3 years and require special maintenance. Adding storm windows to your home usually works better as a short-term solution to improve a home’s energy costs. Consider installing Enviro-Star replacement windows as a permanent solution.

5- Hang exterior shutters on your windows.

Exterior shutters not only add style to your home, but they also help you save money. Most exterior window shutters come from wood, aluminum, steel, or fabric and block solar heat. 

Measure shutters to ensure they fit and are installed to work as needed. You can open them to enjoy solar heat gain and close them to reduce heat. They work together with your vinyl window to regulate the temperature in your home.

Getting Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows Can Be Easy

You don’t have to spend money to have energy-efficient vinyl windows for your home, thanks to these tricks. However, if your windows are too old for these tricks to work, you might consider replacing them with Energy Star quality windows — an investment that will pay off in the long run. At New Window Factory Sales, Inc., we offer you the best options available for your window needs, including replacement of vinyl windows in Philadelphia and New Jersey. Get in touch with us to learn more about our services today!