How Do I Measure My Replacement Windows?

Are you looking for a new energy-efficient way to upgrade your home? Consider replacing your old and worn-out windows with vinyl windows from New Window Factory Sales Inc. Our company consists of only the best when it comes to window installation, making us one of the top window repair companies and vinyl windows installers in Cherry Hill, NJ. If you’re looking to make the switch, one of the first things we will ask is the dimensions of the windows that are being replaced. It seems like a simple task, and it is; however, there are some tips and tricks that make it even easier. 

How to Measure the Window Opening

When measuring the width of a window opening, it is important to measure at least three different points for accuracy. First, measure both sides and the middle of the window opening, and then use the smallest measurement as your guide. Additionally, write down all measurements in case you need them later as a reference point.


When measuring the width of a window opening, it’s essential to consider any additional features or details such as trim, molding, or sashes. To accurately measure the width of an existing window opening, it is recommended that you use a steel tape measure.

If the window has a traditional sill and frame, start by measuring from one side’s jamb – the vertical piece of wood that lines the sides of a window frame – to the other side’s jamb. Avoid measuring directly along the top edge of the sill since this may provide an inaccurate measurement due to variations in trim or molding. If there isn’t a frame surrounding your window, manually measure from one side of your wall opening to another.


First, you’ll need to measure from the top of the window sill down to where the mouth of the casing meets the wall. This distance should be measured on all four sides using a tape measurer. 

Next, make sure that your measurements are level by comparing them with each other. If one side is longer, adjust accordingly until they’re all equal in length. Then take the average measurement across all four sides to get your final height. 

Finally, add the measurement of your window trim — which should be 1 to 2 inches — to get your total height. This is the number you will use when ordering your window.


When measuring the depth of a window opening, it is crucial to determine the space between the finished wall surface and the trim or casing on each side. This will help you decide which type of window covering you can install. To measure this depth, use a tape measurer placed in the middle of the window’s top jamb (the upper frame). Then, measure down to the bottom edge of the interior stop. 

The measurement taken here should give you an accurate idea of how deep your window opening is. Remember that at least three ¼ inches of opening depth should always be between the inside of the window trim and the outside blind stop strip. This is mandatory to accept the depth of the new window.

Overall, taking precise measurements when measuring the dimensions of a window opening is very important because it ensures that your window will fit properly into its intended space and look great once installed! With these tips, you can quickly determine the exact width of any existing or new window opening.

Tips for Measuring Your Replacement Windows

Measuring your replacement windows is crucial to ensure you get the right size and style for your home. Here are some tips for measuring:

  1. Double-check each measurement twice — once with a steel tape measure and then again with a level or framing square to make sure everything is accurate. If possible, have someone help hold the level while you’re taking measurements to get the most accurate measurements.
  2. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for any unique requirements related to measuring your replacement windows, as this might vary depending on the type you choose.
  3. Don’t forget to factor in some extra space when taking your measurements – this will account for any gaps which need to be filled with caulk or other materials once the installation is complete.

Following these tips ensures you get the right size and style of replacement window for your home. Taking measurements correctly and double-checking them will help guarantee a proper fit and ultimately make installation easier down the line!

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