New Window Factory Sales, Inc.’s Ice Damming Tutorial

Maybe you’re a property owner that’s heard mutterings of the term “ice damming,” but you never actually learned what it is, or you were never told why it’s so dangerous.If that’s the case, this article could potentially save you a lot of money.

So what is an Ice Dam?

Enough is enough; here are the facts:

An Ice Dam is an unhealthy buildup of ice in the roofing and gutters of structures.  As snow builds up on a roof, it creates an insulating blanket of snow that is cold on top, but may become warmer on the inside.

As snow and ice melt under the insulating blanket, it will flow down the roof, freezing as it leaves the blanket.  Eventually, this causes a buildup of ice, characteristically displayed by huge icicles in and under a property’s gutters.

As these small trickles of water freeze and create large conglomerations of ice and icicles, it can permeate small cracks and crevasses in your gutters, siding, roofing, window panes and more.  As water freezes, it expands, which can cause a plethora of problems pertaining to your roofing, gutters, siding and windows.

So what are some causes of ice damming?  One way ice damming occurs is when sunny days cause snow to melt, but there is too much snow for it to melt completely.  As the night approaches, the air temperatures drop and the water freezes again.

Another cause of ice damming is poor roofing insulation or heat leaks.  These common issues will cause heat to rise up through the roof and cause ice to melt.  The air penetrating the roofing is cooled by the insulating blanket before it can escape, creating a flow of water under the insulating blanket, resulting in ice dams.

So, what are some ways to protect your home?

There are things you can do to protect yourself from the damages of ice damming.  Contact New Window Factory Sales, Inc. today and we can point you in the right direction.

  • Professional snow removal – Professional snow removal from your roof is one way to prevent ice damming. However, the snow has to be completely removed.  Partially removed snow will result in more ice damming.  This can mean standing on a ladder or roof in winter weather to remove snow.  For this job, it’s recommended you find a pro that’s used to working on icy roofs.
  • Snow-safe roofing materials – There are many metal roofing options out there that handle snow-load and speed up the thawing process. Talk to a roofing specialist about these roofing options.
  • Proper Insulation – First and foremost, many roofing companies these days are installing “membranes” that go under roofing materials. These membranes keep water out of a property’s infrastructure.  Additionally, ice belts can be installed on roofing edges and eaves, which will prevent water from permeating around the roofing of a structure.  If you live in an older home that may not have these features, talk to New Window Factor Sales, Inc. today and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Ice damming causes many headaches every year.   While we are more than equipped to help victims of ice damming property damage, we’d rather have our readers and customers live happily in their homes without suffering damage over the winter.  For more information on how we can protect you from ice damming, call us today at 856.389.4143.