5 Reasons Why Spring Is the Perfect Time to Get Your Windows Replaced

At New Window Factory, we’re advising homeowners to schedule appointments to replace their windows in South Jersey and the surrounding areas this springtime. We’re a family-owned business, serving South Jersey’s counties for over four decades, and we believe that this spring can be the perfect season to renovate your windows and save money on your property’s heating and cooling.

So, why springtime?

The Days Are Longer

Window installation can take time, and nobody wants to be waiting around for days for an installation team to finish their work. Getting rid of old windows can be a messy business, and windowless properties are a security risk for your possessions. Days get shorter as you get further into the fall and the winter; therefore, it can take longer to install windows because there is less daylight to work in. In springtime, with longer days, our team can finish jobs faster with more efficiency.

The Weather Is Favorable

The team of professionals at New Window Factory will do everything they can to maintain a comfortable home temperature through both the hot and balmy summers and the harsh and frigid winters. If you have your windows replaced in the summer or winter months, you can expect to feel a little uncomfortable and even end up spending more on energy bills. Therefore, spring makes for an excellent opportunity to get the most of the weather and save some cash.

There Is Less Moisture In The Air

If you’re searching for the easiest possible window replacement and you don’t want to spend weeks waiting for the job to be finished, spring is an excellent time to schedule your services. Spring brings milder weather than the harsh winters, which means our team will have more success installing your new windows. The spring season also means less moisture in the air when compared to the fall, which makes it easier for installation crews to complete your work without delays. 

It’s More Energy Efficient 

Have you noticed that your heating or cooling bills in your home have been going up every season? If you live in an older property, it might not be because you’re using these systems more often. Older windows tend to be thinner, and they often don’t have the same grade of sealants used to create windows today. This means that older windows can “leak” warm or cold air from the interior of your home to the environment while also allowing cold or hot air from the outdoors to enter your home. This forces your HVAC system to work overtime in order to keep your home at the right temperature, which eventually leads to higher bills and more money out of your pocket.

Installing new windows in your home this spring doesn’t only allow you to take advantage of the energy-efficiency benefits that come standard on many windows created today. A new set of windows can also help you save money on your home heating costs throughout the upcoming fall and winter seasons. As heating bills continue to rise, installing your windows in spring can ensure that you’re able to take advantage of all the benefits before the temperature starts to drop again.

The Views Are Lovely

During the spring, the world is waking up and the lush greenery is coming back to life. With the right windows, you can view this scenery in all its glory from the comfort of your home. Consider leaner frames and a wider glass area for maximum exposure to nature’s beauty. The quality of the glass is also an important factor when you choose to replace your windows. After all, you want to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home.

All windows provided by New Window Factory are installed by our fully-insured team of professionals. As a leading provider of replacement windows and installation, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all materials, parts, and labor. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, providing state-of-the-art windows, doors, and siding technology. New Window Factory is perfect if you’re considering replacement windows in Camden County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for a free quote!