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Many homeowners search for simplicity not just in their lives, but in their homes as well.

They value sleek lines, minimal furniture, and architecture that does not call attention to itself. If a modern, streamlined home fits your lifestyle, Precision Weld replacement windows will fit your home.

These are highly engineered, sophisticated vinyl windows packed with subtle design features.

Precision Weld Slider Windows

You should expect a vinyl replacement window to outperform the window it replaces. Take, for example, Precision Weld’s economical slider windows. From their hefty 3 ¼” welded mainframes to the slim brass wheels, everything is designed to provide years of virtually maintenance-free service without detracting from the views outside or from your busy schedule:

  • The sturdy mainframe has a beveled colonial exterior, increasing weld surface area and providing superior strength
  • Heatseal—a non-metallic spacer between the glass panes—reduces condensation and thermal conductivity while increasing energy efficiency
  • Double weather stripping cuts air drafts
  • Available Auto-Lock, easily engaged, adds additional security
  • Slider windows include fiberglass mesh half screens
  • For ventilation, spring-loaded vent latches operate at the push of a button, allowing both slider windows to remain open

Double-Hung Windows by Precision Weld

The clever design of Precision Weld replacement windows creates a look of downplayed minimalism, backed by careful engineering and fine American craftsmanship. This is evident, too, in Precision Weld’s window replacement options for double-hung windows:

  • One-piece sloped sills speed water drainage, protecting your home from water infiltration
  • Fully integrated full-width lift rails blend subtly into the window sash while providing ease of use
  • Slim-profile sash locks with tamperproof cams increase the lock and sash life
  • Tilt windows allow easy cleanup of the outside glass
  • ClimaGuard heat-reflective glass coatings save energy and reduce cooling loads
  • Heatseal non-metallic spacers reduce condensation and heat transfer, increasing energy efficiency

replacement-window-sizes-from-universal-300x225In both Precision Weld’s slider windows and double-hung windows, you may choose from three interior colors—standard Euro-White, or optional Almond or Cocoa—and four exterior colors (Bronze is an additional exterior option).

During window installation, you will see that the color you select is a permanent part of your Precision Weld replacement windows—no scraping, priming or repainting is ever needed.

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