Should I Replace All of My Windows This Spring?

Homeowners have a world of projects around the house they want to get started during the spring. They have to prioritize which ones get immediate attention, from tending the yard, cleaning the siding, fixing the roof, and everything in between. So when one of their home’s windows requires attention, getting vinyl window installers in Cherry Hill, NJ, to come out and address the issue can significantly help. 

However, is replacing one window enough for your home? Does the fact that you have one new window and countless other old ones throw off your home’s equilibrium and ruin your home’s energy efficiency? It’s a complex question with different factors at play. 

How Old Are Your Windows?

As the windows in your home age over time, they can start to warp out of the window frame, lose their seal, or even make opening and closing your windows a challenge. However, if one window causes more noticeable problems or has suffered significant damage — like broken glass — it requires the needs of a professional window company sooner than expected. 

If your other windows were relatively recently installed, the need to replace the rest of your windows shouldn’t be that high. If your home has significantly older windows that cause your energy bills to skyrocket, then considering replacing all of the windows in your home makes more sense.

Benefits of Replacing Windows in Batches

Replacing every window in your home can seem like a massive home improvement undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be the daunting task it looks like on paper. Most homeowners will use the partial project model to replace their windows. Instead of trying to replace them all simultaneously, you select a handful of windows in your home that need immediate attention. 

Focusing on replacing these older ones with high-quality windows can help improve your home’s energy efficiency and boost your curb appeal. You can also select a different style of custom window, see how you like it in your current home, and make a decision for the next batch. 

When Does It Make Sense to Replace All of the Windows?

While most homeowners will default to replacing their windows in batches, some installers recommend that they get all of the windows replaced at the same time if they have the budget. Keeping your windows on the same timeline can help minimize how often you have to replace them in the future. Additionally, if your older windows have slowly begun to wear away at your overall energy efficiency, replacing all of them could potentially help you see marked improvements on your bills. 

If your windows are around 20 years old, it may be time to start to consider replacing all of them and restarting with a fresh batch. Additionally, getting all of the windows replaced in one go can help minimize the amount of stress you have that you’re leaving a home improvement project half-finished. 

Come to New Window Factory for Your Replacement Window Needs

Whether you get all of your windows replaced in one shot or have them replaced in bunches is ultimately your decision. Whichever approach you eventually decide to take, New Window Factory will be there to help you every step of the way. You can make your order for new windows with us, and our expert installers will come out to your home in no time to get the job done. Additionally, we can also help with your vinyl siding needs in Camden, NJ

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