The 3 Most Common Types of Window Cracks

A window crack isn’t just an eyesore — it can also quickly become a safety hazard for your family and lead to a higher cooling and heating bill. You may be more susceptible to these cracks and signs of damage if you’re using reprocessed vinyl in your windows. At New Window Factory, we provide you with high-quality virgin vinyl windows, which are much more durable and resistant to cracks.

If you have noticed cracks starting to form in your reprocessed vinyl windows in Cherry Hill, the culprit is typically one of these three common suspects.

Temperature Stress Cracks

If you see a flurry of small, thin cracks near the edge of your window, it’s more likely than not that fluctuating temperatures are the cause. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need extremely hot or cold temperatures to see these stress cracks. All there needs to be is a stark difference between the temperatures indoors and the temperatures outdoors. 

Stress cracks can also form if you’re handling your windows poorly. Aggressively shutting windows repeatedly can lead to the windows weakening to the point where they begin cracking from the force applied to them. 

Pressure Cracks

A rarer type of crack, pressure cracks occur when there’s a quick drop in air temperature pressure. This happens before a major hurricane, tropical storm, or other damaging acts of nature. Pressure cracks tend to form in an hourglass shape, and they may be more likely if your windows are installed higher up from the ground.

Impact Cracks

An impact crack occurs when something collides with your window and cracks the glass. Impact cracks are the most common type of window crack, and depending on their cause, they can either be a small, barely-noticeable crack or one that nearly shatters your window. From rocks to baseballs to stray birds, an endless number of things can cause an impact crack. You can identify an impact crack by its starburst shape — the center of the crack shows you where the object collided with the window.

How Do I Fix Cracks in My Windows?

Aside from being unsightly and problematic for your home’s energy efficiency, cracked windows can be a chore to repair. However, homeowners looking for a quick fix to their cracked window problem can utilize a few DIY methods to address the issue temporarily. 

Masking Tape

The main problem with a cracked window is the increased heat transfer when the usually sealed space that is your home has new areas for heat to escape. These gaps mean that whether it’s cool air you’re trying to keep in the summer or warm air in the winter, it has a new way to leave your home. Your HVAC system has to work harder now to make up the difference. Masking tape allows you to cover up the cracks somewhat and make it harder for that energy to pass through the window. It can also help prevent the gap from getting larger and keep water from seeping through into your home. 

Glass Adhesives

Generally used for car windshields, glass adhesives can also apply to cracks in your home windows. After you clean the break in your window, apply tape to the back of the crack and apply the adhesive. The tape backing prevents the adhesive from leaking through and properly set. 

Plastic Tarps 

If you want a catch-all solution that can keep any rain, bugs, or other debris out of your home, a large plastic tarp covering can help. Hang it on the outside of your cracked window, stretch it taught, and fasten it in place. 

These DIY options lean towards temporary fixes to the problem but can help in a pinch. For a more permanent solution to your cracked window problem, getting a replacement window installed by the professionals at New Window Factory is the way to go.

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