Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Gutters

While winter may be slowly moseying its way out of our area, it seems to many of us that it has overstayed its welcome. The snow, ice, wind, and cold can wreak havoc on a home’s gutter system, and there’s a good chance that they are showing the effects left behind by a harsh winter. Thankfully, this mild weather in between seasons lends itself as the perfect opportunity to replace your gutters. 

And while New Window Factory Sales, Inc. remains the area’s premier provider of vinyl siding in the Philadelphia area, we also install and maintain gutter systems to keep your home and its inhabitants safe and dry.

What To Look For

When considering a new gutter system, there are a few components to inspect and issues to keep an eye on to ensure their proper working condition. If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to replace your gutters.

Gutters pulling away from your roof may mean that the fascia boards are rotting.

Peeling exterior paint can be a sign that water is seeping down over the gutter edge and damaging the paint.

Eroded landscaping may be an indication that your gutter system is leaking, and damaging your grounds or worse.

Pooling water not only attracts mosquitoes but is a tell-tale sign that your gutters aren’t draining properly and should be addressed.

Screws or nails laying on the ground may signify that the connectors that fasten the gutters to the house are becoming loose, and can cause problems if they continue to work their way free of the house.

Stay Safe And Dry

A correctly functioning gutter system is also vital to keeping your house and foundation dry and safe from structural damage. New Window Factory Sales, Inc. can help you make the most of this weather by installing a new gutter system in time for the wet and rainy season.

So let our certified technicians come to your house for a consultation and inspect your gutter system. We remain dedicated to providing our community with reliable gutter service, so you can face the next Nor’Easter with the confidence that your new gutter system will keep your family dry and your home safe from damage.

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