What Type of Window Are You?

Did you know that there are five basic types of windows? Though they may share some characteristics, these five standard window types each have their own distinct personality, just like us!

If you’re considering replacing your windows, why not try a style that matches your character? Vinyl siding in Philadelphia can help you achieve nearly any look you want, and can emphasize values that you find important. Before you make any decisions on which window type fits you best, take a look at these unique characteristics. And remember, no matter what your personality, it’s crucial to call the vinyl siding experts in South Jersey, New Window Factory Sales, to help you create your dream home.


Double-hung Window

The double hung window is all about practicality – as it bends from both sides and cleanup is a breeze. If you’re a type-A personality that loves scheduling and order, you’re probably a double-hung window.


Slider Window

A slider window, as its name implies, slides from one side to the other; more often than not, both panels can slide. Simply moving your windows from one side to the other can give your room a whole new look! If you’re the type of person that thinks that the best decisions are ones that can change easily, a slider window might be your best bet.


Picture Window

Picture windows don’t usually open, and frequently have multiple “pictures” that come together to form an aesthetically pleasing look. Picture windows value beauty over functionality, so if you’re the type of person who would never consider leave the house wearing sweatpants with no makeup, you are a picture window.


Casement Window

A casement window is a common feature of older homes and typically has a cracked-arm feature that lets the window draw out to one side. If you’re the type of person who values tradition but likes your home to have a mix of functionality, you might be a casement window.

Hopper-style Window

Primarily seen in basements, hopper-style windows leave a narrow opening that can be controlled for ventilation. Hopper-style windows are for people who are always prepared – if you’re confident that you could survive a zombie apocalypse (or at least a few days in the woods with no cell phone), you’re a hopper-style window.

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