Why a Family Owned and Operated Business Is a Great Choice

As we hope you already know, we at New Window Factory are a family owned and operated company, and we’ve been in business for over 40 years. That’s how we’ve become one of the leading South Jersey window replacement companies: by combining generations of knowledge, enthusiasm and hard work. While we know why we think family owned and operated businesses are so important and great for the consumer, we also realize not everyone is as familiar with the subject as we are. That’s why, this month, we decided to share some of our thoughts on why giving your business to a family owned and operated company is a smart choice.

Teamwork and Accountability
Is there a more natural team than a family? They know each other and support each other outside of work as well as at work, and it translates to a good, efficient work environment. The accountability exists on dual levels, too, as you’re not only responsible for the work you do to your employer but also to your family. It’s your own family name on the line every time you take a job or interact with a client.

Loyalty and Flexibility
The kind of loyalty that comes from being family just cannot be bought. It’s not just a matter of always wanting to do your best, but also dedication to the company goals and the company itself. This means long-term stability with personnel who have been there for a long time and know everything about the company, as well as the industry. Often family members are also willing to be more flexible and go the extra mile or two to make sure every customer leaves happy.

Generational Expertise
Nothing teaches you a profession like growing up surrounded by it and learning it from your family. That’s why, historically, apprentices used to live with their mentors: the best way to truly learn a trade is to be immersed in the work even when you’re at home. You learn from seeing your parent do the work and them teaching you everything their decades of experience has taught them.