Why Choose Vinyl Siding for Your Home?

As a leading provider of vinyl siding in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, our professional team has helped homeowners by truly enhancing many homes in the region with vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is extremely durable and is popular as a decorative cladding material that helps to weatherproof homes. Advances in technology mean that manufacturers can now give 40 years to lifetime guarantees for vinyl siding materials, meaning that in some instances they can be last for generations relatively unscathed. 

Let’s take a look at several reasons that you should choose vinyl siding for your home.

Vinyl Siding Requires Very Little Maintenance

The problem with other materials such as wood is that they need to be painted, glossed, treated, and maintained. This can be both costly and time consuming for homeowners. More durable materials such as brick or cement will need require continued maintenance to hold their durability and aesthetics over time. With vinyl siding, the only support that is required is an occasional hose-down, meaning that homeowners can purchase it and forget about it once it’s installed.

In Many Cases, Vinyl Siding Pays for Itself

Vinyl siding looks great and provides the lowest cost per square foot compared to just about any other siding materials. For this reason, homeowners often make their money back in full for their siding expenses when they come to resell their property. Exterior cladding is very popular; it increases the value of a property by protecting and insulating the building while making the whole home look more aesthetically pleasing. This makes prospective buyers willing to pay slightly more for a property, thus helping homeowners get  back their initial investment.

Vinyl Siding Offers Variety and Beauty

Many years ago, vinyl siding was just a cheap and practical alternative to insulate buildings. However, these days the material is available in an extensive range of colors, textures, and styles. Homeowners can choose vinyl siding that has either wood or metallic finishing, thus changing the whole dynamic and aesthetics of a property immediately. Never before have homeowners had such a variety of styles to choose from as they renovate their property.

Reliable Quality with Added Value

Vinyl Siding materials are very reasonably priced when it comes to installation. They are designed to last for a minimum of twenty years and have almost no maintenance costs. This gives homeowners more disposable cash for a product that will outlast competing materials such as wood, brick, and cement. 

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