Why Should I Choose Seamless Gutters?

Your gutters represent the first line of defense against rainwater accumulating and getting into your home. While their purpose has stayed the same, the design and the materials have changed in recent years. One such advancement comes in the form of seamless gutters. But what exactly makes seamless gutters different and ultimately more effective in the long run? 

What Makes Seamless Gutters Different?

Seamless gutters differ from standard ones in one critical aspect; they don’t have any seams or cuts throughout the system, as their name would suggest. Traditional gutters are made with an assortment of pieces connected to form the gutter system. While this system was overall effective, the various seams throughout the system would leak, worsening over time. With a seamless gutter system, it consists of one continuous piece of material. With the lack of seams and cracks, the seamless gutters minimize the potential for leaks from the time of installation until you decide it’s for replacements. 

DIY Need Not Apply

Unlike traditional gutter systems, it is not recommended that you install seamless gutters yourself. Creating a seamless gutter system requires a meticulous design process that requires precise measurements of your home and where the gutters will ultimately go. The best people to install seamless gutters for your home are the ones who are specially trained in their design, construction, and installation. 

Maintenance Routine

Traditional gutters require you to have a consistent maintenance routine to prolong their lifespan. You had to routinely check to ensure that they weren’t getting clogged and were flowing correctly. Since seamless gutters are one single piece of material, you do not have to regularly check that the connecting pieces and their joints are still fully functional or leaking. The only part of the seamless gutters that feature turns or connector spots is saved for where the downspouts connect to the gutters lining your home. 

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