Why Summer Can Be the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

When it comes to replacement windows in Camden County, NJ, and the surrounding areas, we offer a range of installation and replacement services with a lifetime warranty on materials, parts, and labor. Although we provide our services all year round, we believe that summer can be the perfect season to replace the windows in your home and business, and here’s why:

Summer Window Replacement Helps Keep Heating Costs Down

If you decide to replace your windows in the winter, you will allow cold air to enter your home or business. This can cause heating systems to work harder, increasing utility bills in the process. Try to schedule your window replacements during the summer to keep heating costs down and maintain comfort throughout your household. 

Make the Most of the Seasons

By replacing outdated windows during the summer, you’ll be able to make the most of the autumn breezes when they arrive. Older windows can be challenging to open or adjust. By replacing them, you can ensure that all of your windows open and close smoothly during the breezy fall afternoons. New windows are often easier to clean than older models; therefore, it will be easier to keep your views of the summer blooms free from grease, dirt, and smudges.

Instantly Reduce AC Costs

Keeping a building cool during the summer months can be a costly endeavor for any home or business. By replacing windows, you can utilize technology that filters UV rays and reduces the amount of heat that enters a building. Additionally, new windows make it easy to direct air flow to cool down a building and make use of the summer breezes. By utilizing this air flow, home and business owners can help to reduce the usage of their AC systems, thus saving money on expensive utility bills.

Benefit From Beating the Bad Weather

Cold winter temperatures can make specific construction processes more difficult and expensive. Some types of exterior caulking will not stick together efficiently in colder temperatures. Therefore, windows will not benefit from the best types of seal possible during the winter time. Snowy conditions can lead to delays in job completion, and shorter days can increase the amount of time that a project takes to complete. For these reasons, it’s much more efficient to replace windows during the warm summer season.

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