Window Styles

We’re passionate about windows in general, and in providing our customers with windows that are the right fit for their house in particular. We want to advise our clients on every aspect of the windows, from the overall look and practicality to the durability and expenses involved with installation and maintenance, so this month we wanted to blog about the styles of windows commonly available. We hope this will give you ideas for what you might want from your new windows and, as always, as one of the premier providers of new windows in South Jersey, we would love to personally help you find the right window for you.

Casement Windows


These windows are hinged on the left or right side and open outward. They can have one or more hinges and generally feature a profile that is taller than it is wider. Consider whether there’s a special reason like cleaning, ventilation or maybe flower decorations, as to why you would find an outward-opening window particularly practical.

Awning Windows


Awning windows open outwards like casement windows, but they are hinged at the top, which means the space needed to open them is right in front and above the window rather than to the side of it. You can have awning windows above, below or next to different types of windows if you feel that having awning windows in addition to other ones would be practical.

Slider Windows


If having the space for a window that swings open with a hinge is an issue or you just prefer the look and practicality of a sliding window, then slider windows could be a great option for you. They tend to have a modern, sleek look and they function by one window sliding over or past the other window along a track.

Double-Hung Windows


These windows have two sashes in a single frame, allowing them to slide up or down to open. In the single-hung version, only the bottom part of the window can be moved up to open the window. With double-hung windows, though, you can open either the top or the bottom part of the window for ventilation, which is why they are often used on patios, decks and similar locations.