Your Essential Summer Window Maintenance Guide

It’s summertime, and with it comes fun in the sun, your windows open, and when the heat gets unbearable, closing them again so you can turn on your AC. Your home should be your oasis from the stresses of work, school, and everything else that tries to rob you of a peaceful state of mind. 

For most people, keeping their windows looking their best throughout the summer can be at the bottom of their to-do list. However, letting some essential summer maintenance tips fall by the wayside may lead to you needing the best window installers in Camden, NJ, before you would have otherwise. With so many moving parts, keeping the wear and tear to a minimum can benefit your home in the long run. 

Clear All Visible Signs of Debris

Your maintenance routine should start with what you can readily take care of with some elbow grease and a garbage bag. Thoroughly cleaning your windows to prevent debris from accumulating after severe storms can help improve your window’s lifespan. 

Making this a yearly part of your home improvement checklist can help identify problems with your windows before they worsen. Starting the process in the summer allows you to avoid colder temperatures and have more sunlight in your day to do more chores or to properly celebrate checking this item off your “honey-do list.”

Monitor for Air Leaks

Your windows play an important role in your home’s overall energy efficiency. They act as resistance keeping the cool air inside for longer and helping keep your HVAC system from working overtime if you have cracks in the seal, wrapping, or other factors that impact your cooling efforts. 

Take the time to inspect your windows for clear signs of leaks. Some of the most common issues you can spot include:

  • See if you can rattle them
  • Check for daylight coming through around your window
  • Check the temperature around each one with an infrared thermometer
  • Use your hands to feel for a draft

Replace Weather Stripping Where Needed

Once you figure out that you have a drafty window that’s ruining your energy efficiency, you know where you can start with the repairs. Sometimes the fix for a faulty seal is as simple as replacing the weather stripping to improve its airtightness. If done correctly, you can see immediate improvements to your energy bills during the hottest months of the year. 

Check for Water Damage

New Jersey weather can be unpredictable during the summer. Periods of dry and humid conditions get sprinkled with heavy rain that can cause significant damage to your windows. Inspecting your windows after a rainstorm can help identify water damage before it has a chance to worsen and affect the entire window. 

Upgrade Windows When Necessary

During your essential summer window maintenance routine, you’ll come across some issues that a simple repair or cleaning with a rag won’t fix. These units may be a combination of too old, warped, or damaged to be salvaged without costing more than a new installation would. In these cases, homeowners have a decision to make — stick with the status quo or make the necessary upgrades. 

Upgrading your home’s windows can have a wide range of benefits felt throughout your home. In addition to improving your energy efficiency, new windows have a modernized look, function more effectively, and help give you a renewed peace of mind. 

Time to Put Your Essential Summer Window Maintenance Guide Into Action!

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to implement your window maintenance knowledge. Taking better care of your windows starts with a proactive approach and can lead to you making positive improvements to your home across the board. If you need help upgrading your windows, we’re here to help!

Contact Camden, NJ’s top Enviro-Star window installers, New Window Factory, and give yourself the windows you deserve today!